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The IT Security Experts Group of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Christoph Krauß) has set itself the task of coordinating the subject area of IT security in education and research and making it more visible at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. Reference projects of the h_da on IT security can be found here.

In addition to members from various departments of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences - currently Computer Science as well as Social Sciences - PhD students from the National Research Center for Applied Cybersecurity ATHENE are also actively involved in the activities of the department.

With the Cooperative Study Course IT Security (KITS) as well as the compulsory course IT Security in the first semester of the bachelor's degree in Computer Science, the h_da sustainably strengthens teaching in this field.

Since November 2009, the Master of Computer Science has a further specialisation: IT Security. The new specialisation was developed in the context of the h_da participation in the "Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED)" - today ATHENE.

Students of SPO2013 who decide on this specialisation must take at least 24 ECTS from the associated security course catalogue during the first study section (i.e. the regular semesters 1 to 3) and then work on a master's thesis on a suitable IT security topic. Students of SPO2006 have to prove at least 30 ECTS from the course catalogue "IT Security".

Students will receive confirmation of their specialisation in their Master's degree.

Since summer term 2010 the Departments of Computer Science of Technical University of Darmstadt (TUD) and Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da) open some courses for students of the other institution. The cooperation refers to courses of the "TUD Master IT Security" and the "h_da-Master Computer Science with Specialisation in IT Security" and "Bachelor KITS".

From the TUD catalogue, a maximum of 12 CP at the h_da in the AS catalogue will be recognizable for the SPO 2013 (note: this is half of the credit points required for the IT-Sec specialisation). In the SPO 2006 you can import 15 ECTS from the TUD. All modules imported from the TUD to the h_da are assigned to the study catalogue AS.

In the summer term 2024 the following module can be taken:

You must register via OBS (the courses can be found under "vIS TUD") and directly with the lecturer of the TUD.

TU students can apply for the following HDA module in summer 2024:

In each of the courses, a maximum of 4-6 TU Darmstadt students can be admitted due to the limited number of practical courses.

TU students can apply here (between 25.03. – 05.04.2024). Please use the following credentials:

  • User: LectureRegistration
  • Password: yJtCy4rIC4WId6FvoNkOMg1M

Contact person for the teaching cooperation is Prof. Dr. Christoph Krauß.


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