Embedded Systems Technology

The Embedded Systems Technology research group deals with new novel questions in the application of embedded systems (ES). The focus is the increasing penetration of human environment by products and solutions with embedded information processing and their networking, often referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Many questions that appear to have solved in classical information technology are now being posed again in this context. The research group deals with applied research topics and on the application spectrum of fundamental technologies in the field of Embedded Systems and IoT. Here, research and development activities are combined with the training and further qualification of students and members of staff through contemporary issues.

Research Projects

Our latest reserch project LONG MOVE deals with the performance adaption and location-based codes of conduct for a sustainable IoT sensor technology in the field of technical building systems for modular networking of units.

Here you can find an overview of our research projects.


Lectures offered on a regular basis by the research group can be found on Prof. Akelbein's webpage.

Furthermore, we offer the Project System Development on a regular basis for students in their bachelor's or master's programmes.


Head of Research
Prof. Dr. Jens-Peter Akelbein

Communication Schöfferstraße 8b
64295 Darmstadt
Office: D19, 03.07



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