Welcome to the microprocessor lab page. This laboratory is located in building D10 (former Burda) in room 0.32.

In this laboratory there are laboratory regulations. Please inform yourself and pay attention to them.

Urgent news about the laboratory can be found here

Practical Courses

  • Attendance is compulsory.
  • At the first appointment there will be an instruction, which is necessary to be allowed to stay in the laboratory D10/0.32.
  • The practical courses must be prepared. The preparation will be checked at the beginning of a practical course.
  • A protocol must be made for each practical course.
  • At the end of each appointment and/or after handing in the protocol at the next appointment, the practical course will be evaluated.
  • Practical courses tasks for RA can be found here.
  • Practical courses tasks for MPS can be found here.
  • Image "Virtual_RA_MPS_SS2020.ova" for RA can be found here
  • In the Wiki you will find helpful instructions and hints that can help you.
  • Room allocation D10/0.32 (RA and MPS) can be found here.
  • Room allocation D10/035 (RA) can be found here


The laboratory has 8 workstations for 2 persons each.
One workstation for the acceptance of the final project task bar station and/or coin counter. This also serves as a replacement workstation.
One workstation for the supervising staff with connection to the media technology and a telephone (06151/1638433)

Hardware per Workstation

  • PC's bluechip with
    • Intel Core I7-4700T
    • 16 GB working memory
    • 128 GB SSD & 1000 GB HDD
    • ..
  • JTAG Abatron BDI2000
  • AT91EB63 Evaluation Board
  • WaSim or String Resonance Balance
  • ..


  • Operating system Kubuntu Bionic Beaver (18.04 LTS)
    • with many programmes from the packages
    • If something is missing, please contact the responsible laboratory engineer.
  • Toolchain for ARMv4 processors
    • arm-elf-... or arm-eb63-elf-...
  • Source Navigator
    • ..


Laboratory Engineer
Manfred Pester

Communication Schöfferstraße 8
64295 Darmstadt
Office: D10, 00.33


Head of Laboratory
Prof. Dr. Thomas Horsch

Communication Schöfferstrasse 8B
64295 Darmstadt
Office: D14, 1.08