Department Council

The Department Council (FBR) is the most important departmental body and deals with issues such as the adoption of study and examination regulations, the coordination of research projects or the establishment of the structural and development plan.

It is chaired by the Dean.

Prof. Dr. Stephan Karczewski Professor

Prof. Dr. Ralf Hahn Professor

Sergio Vergata Mitarbeiter

Fabian Roos Studierende(r)

Cedric Reichel Studierende(r)

Prof. Dr. Michael Braun Professor

Prof. Dr. Gunter Grieser Professor

Prof. Dr. Stefan Rapp Professor

Prof. Dr. Kai Renz Professor

Prof. Dr. Stefan Ruehl Professor

Michael Roth Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben

Dinh Nam Nguyen Studierende(r)

Justin Schönberg Studierende(r)

Prof. Dr. Michael von Rüden Professor

Alexander Käb Studierende(r)

Prof. Dr. Peter Muth Professor

Prof. Dr. Alexander Wiesmaier Professor

Prof. Dr. Stefan Valentin Professor

Andreas Behr Mitarbeiter

Dilek Ücdal Studierende(r)

Marvin Böhmer Studierende(r)

Dean Grove Studierende(r)

Maximilian Georg Kurzawski Studierende(r)


Prof. Dr. Martin Stiemerling

Office: D14, 3.05

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