Prof. Dr. Stefan Valentin

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Mobile Netzwerke / mobile networks

Do 11-12:00 / Thu 11-12:00

Other functions
  • Fachbereichsrat (Mitglied Stellvertreter)
  • Prüfungsausschussvorsitzender

Portrait: Valentin, Stefan, Prof. Dr.

Stefan Valentin (ORCID) is Professor for Mobile Networks at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, where he is speaker of the Telecommunications Group, chairman of the examination board, head of the 5GLab and co-founder of the research group Networking Technologies. His algorithmic research contributed mostly to indoor localization and resource allocation in mobile networks. Stefan’s algorithms are deployed in mobile networks around the world and more than 30 patent applications have been filed for them. His research papers have been cited about 2900 times and have received various awards. Stefan is a member of the IEEE, founded the Steinbeis Center for Wireless Technologies and co-founded the startup Trailblazer Networks.


Winter term 2022/2023

  • Bachelor:
    • Project System Development: In English, Topic
    • Scientific Writing in Computer Science 2 (description)
  • Master:
    • Cellular Networks (description): Lecture will be held in German, slides will be in English
    • Project System Development I/II: In English/German, Topic

Summer term 2022

  • Bachelor:
  • Master:
    • Network Simulation (description): Joint lecture with integrated lab ("VP") in English, C++ basics are required
    • Projekt Systementwicklung (description): German but English speakers welcome, topic

Journals and magazines

Peer-reviewed conference papers


  • D. Tsilimantos, S. Valentin, T. Karagkioules, A. Nogales-Gómez, X. Shi, and Z. Chao, “System, apparatuses and method for traffic profiling of mobile video streaming,” PCT application PCT/EP2017/062 170 filed by Huawei Technologies, May 2017.
  • S. Valentin, “Coordinated transmissions in communication networks,” Patent EP2480026 filed by Alcatel-Lucent, Jan. 2011.
  • S. Valentin, H. Karl, and I. Aad, “Transceiver apparatus for cooperative wireless network,” Patents EP1962456 and JP4629116 filed by NTT DoCoMo Inc., Feb. 2007.

[A slighlty more complete list of publications and patents]


Prof. Dr. Stefan Valentin

Schöfferstraße 8b
64295 Darmstadt
Office: D14, 3.06