The Cooperative Study Programme IT Security (Bachelor of Science)

The new course model KITS (Cooperative Study Programme IT Security) deals with the following topics

  • Encryption,
  • Data Backup and Network Filters,

because in times of big data and industrial espionage, IT security is becoming more and more important.

Starting in the winter semester 2014/15, students will learn everything about security in information technology here. They have the opportunity to vary the focus of their studies according to their preferences.

Further informations

Whether commercial enterprises or public administration: the security of information technology is of great importance everywhere. But many companies need support in this area or must first be sensitised to the topic. IT security consultants answer questions on information security, create and implement IT security concepts, conduct workshops or conduct security analyses. They are service providers who offer their customers support in all aspects of IT security.

Students learn about legal requirements and standards for IT security as well as typical patterns of attack on software and suitable countermeasures. They take into account all levels of IT: from hardware to network to application software. This enables them to design and evaluate security measures around IT applications.


Software is becoming increasingly complex: it must now work not only on computers but also on other devices such as smartphones or tablets. At the same time, these systems are increasingly networked and thus potentially vulnerable to attack worldwide. Permanent networking, app stores and thousands of apps - (how) can this even be secure? What approaches are there for users to protect themselves against attacks on their Facebook app, for example? The KITS students learn to give answers to such questions.

As software security experts, they will later be able to develop security measures for IT applications - not only for corporate networks, data centres, and the classic PC, but also for smartphones, tablets, and the Internet.

In the seven semesters of standard study time, students complete a total of three practical projects. During this time they can gain important professional experience in their respective partner company and get to know the daily routine of IT security.

In addition to the common basic framework of computer science courses from the Bachelor dual, KITS offers the following contents.

Your career prospects are diverse, as IT security is becoming increasingly important: Graduates can later, for example, work as software developers, ensure security in networks or advise and support companies in the field of IT security.


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