Networking Technologies

Welcome to the Networking Technologies research group da/net headed by Prof. Dr. Stefan Valentin and Prof. Dr. Martin Stiemerling.

Winter term 2020/2021

Summer term 2020

  • Bachelor:
  • Master:
    • Network Simulation (description): Joint lecture with integrated lab ("VP") in English, C++ basics are required
    • Projekt Systementwicklung (description): German but English speakers welcome, topic


Prof. Dr. Martin Stiemerling

Schöfferstrasse 8b
64295 Darmstadt
Office: D14, 3.05

Martin Stiemerling
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Prof. Dr. Stefan Valentin

Schöfferstraße 8b
64295 Darmstadt
Office: D14, 3.06

Stefan Valentin
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