B.Sc. Computer Science Dual

Bachelor Computer Science Dual

Study courses with a future - that's what the Department of Computer Science at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences offers. Computer science is a cross-sectional discipline that draws its foundations and methods from applied mathematics and engineering sciences. The dual courses of study impart theoretical, practical and technical knowledge from the various sub-disciplines. But what do computer scientists actually do? They develop software to process, store and transfer information. They also include the management and operation of hardware. Computer science is the backbone of many areas of our modern life. Controlling fully automated factories, aircraft, business software and satellites - without computer scientists, none of this would be possible.

Computer science requires mathematical affinity and technical understanding, but is not only something for computer nerds: this professional field requires people with qualifications in communication, teamwork and project management.

The courses of study are future-oriented and offer perspectives - from business informatics to IT security.


Dual Team Computer Science
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