Committee for Academic Affairs

The Committee for Academic Affairs develops proposals and recommendations related to the organisation and content of the study programme. These are, for example:

  • Planning and organisation of new study programmes and versions
  • Approval of new modules

Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann is currently the dean for academic affairs and the chairman of the board.

Prof. Dr. Ralf Hahn Professor

Prof. Dr. Ronald Charles Moore Professor

Prof. Dr. Steffen Lange Professor

Rudi Scheitler Mitarbeiter

Alexander Käb Studierende(r)

Maximilian Georg Kurzawski Studierende(r)

Prof. Dr. Kai Renz Professor

Prof. Dr. Michael Braun Professor

Prof. Dr. Daniel Burda Professor

Björn Bär Mitarbeiter

Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann

Office: D19, 2.04

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