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M.Sc. Computer Science Dual

Master Computer Science Dual

The Master Computer Science Dual (Master of Science) offers an in-depth study of computer science and practical experience in a company. Students broaden their basic knowledge from the bachelor's programme and thereby improve their chances on the job market even further: they can later take up leading positions or go into research.

In addition, students have the opportunity to specialise early on in one of four areas of specialisation:

  • IT Security
  • Software Engineering
  • Technical and Graphic Systems
  • Business Information Systems

However, this is not a must.

Lectures, seminars and practical courses - the dual master's programme offers a balanced relationship between theoretical and practical training through various forms of classes. Students can also specialise in a particular subject area - such as IT security or business information systems.


Master of Science


Standard Period of Study

4 or 6 semesters


Begin of Studies

winter semester or summer semester





Selection Procedures

qualified Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with an average grade of at least 2.5



Team Computer Science Dual


Applications are to be sent directly to the desired partner companies. If the application procedure is successful, a contract will be concluded between the future student and the company. After that, you have to apply for enrolment at h_da. You can find the online application form and all information about this here.

Detailed information on the application procedure for dual study programmes can also be found on the website of the Dual Study Centre.


Your Advantages in the Master Computer Science Dual

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