M.Sc. Computer Science Dual

Master Computer Science Dual

The Master Computer Science Dual (Master of Science) offers an in-depth study of computer science and practical experience in a company. Students broaden their basic knowledge from the bachelor's programme and thereby improve their chances on the job market even further: they can later take up leading positions or go into research.

In addition, students have the opportunity to specialise early on in one of four areas of specialisation:

  • IT Security
  • Software Engineering
  • Technical and Graphic Systems
  • Business Information Systems

However, this is not a must.

Lectures, seminars and practical courses - the dual master's programme offers a balanced relationship between theoretical and practical training through various forms of classes. Students can also specialise in a particular subject area - such as IT security or business information systems.

Your benefits in the Master of Computer Science dual

Why Dual Studies?

A standard study programme is too theoretical or difficult to finance? The dual study of computer science guarantees a fixed salary throughout. You also have the opportunity to gain a lot of practical experience alongside your studies. Since the companies release you for lectures, you can complete a solid course of study and at the same time gain initial experience in the working world.

In doing so, you and the company are free to organise the course of your studies as you wish. Here, the range is usually from four to six semesters, depending on the desired activity in the company. The variant with a distribution of the study course over six semesters parallel to half a job in the company is explained in the following diagram.

Study Model Master Dual

In the Master Dual study model, students can acquire their Master of Science in Computer Science. They have the possibility to specialise in one of four main topics:

  • IT Security
  • Software Engineering
  • Technical and graphic systems
  • Business Information Technology

Throughout their studies, students are supervised by lecturers from the university and mentors from their respective partner companies. This cooperative study model has been in existence since 1999 and for many graduates it is the start of a successful career.

The dual master's degree course is a version of the general master's degree course of the Department of Computer Science. It is based on the same study and examination regulations and shares the same catalogue of electives under Module Description according to Examination Regulations. Details on the content of the individual courses can be found in the corresponding Module Handbook.

Study Abroad

Gain experience abroad for one semester? This is possible with the cooperative study programme models of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. Students can spend a semester abroad at one of the many partner universities wordlwide (or at a university of their choice).

Since the beginning of semesters at foreign universities does not correspond to the beginning of the semesters at Darmstadt Univeristy of Applied Sciences, the most suitable time for a semester abroad is between semester 5 and 6. In order to ensure that the semester abroad runs smoothly, students should allow one year's notice. It is therefore important that students contact the Programme Coordinator for Computer Science Dual well in advance.

Semester abroad during practical phases

Alternatively, students can also go abroad during one of the practical phases. This must be arranged with their respective partner company. A practical project abroad is particularly attractive if companies have projects or branches in interesting locations.



Start your Master Dual

Prospective students can find a list of partner companies with free study places on our website. However, some companies advertise exclusively independently.

The desired company does not offer dual study contracts yet? In this case, prospective students can contact their desired company together with us.

Checklist for prospective students (Master)

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or comparable degree
  • average grade of 2.5 or better achieved
  • Partner company convinced
  • Study contract signed with the partner company
  • Application for enrolment at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Interested companies can also contact us. We help them to become one of the partner companies for our dual study programme models.


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