Spin-Offs & Transfer


The startup AUTHADA is a spin-off of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and develops innovative solutions with the professional support of CRISP, which will replace the conventional and tedious identification methods via PostIdent and video legitimation.
AUTHADA revolutionizes existing identification procedures and verifies the customer identity via the electronic identity (eID) of the identity card. By means of the NFC interface of the smartphone, the transmission of the sovereign verified master data takes place within 5 seconds.

After participating in the Excellence Programme EXIST Research Transfer of the BMWi, the startup has put itself on a solid financial footing through the participation of FinLab AG in spring 2016 and the funding by the HMWK and prepared for the coming growth phase, so that further employees can be hired and the startup can go live in the near future.

Steinbeis Partnership

Our scientists have an increased interest in contributing to the transfer of knowledge into practice. For this purpose, a partnership with Steinbeis was entered into and Steinbeis Transfer GmbH was founded at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.