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The general Bachelor of Computer Science is a six semester study programme. The bachelor's degree is a professional qualification and prepares for an idividual career in the field of computer science. In addition, it prepares for a transition to master's degree programmes. the B.Sc. in Computer Science is an accredited by the the ASIIN accreditaion agency and awarded the seal of approval by the Accreditation Council.

The well-organised study programme of our bachelor's degree courses stands out thanks to its high degree of project-oriented work and labs and provides profound insights into the core fields of computer science and its applications. It also conveys scientific topics and methods. The wide variety of electives is unique. In addition to technical subjects, we teach interdisciplinary skills and soft skills.

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Global networking via the Internet, video streaming, self-propelled cars and the control of mobile phones are just a few examples of the influence of information technology. The study course Computer Science with the degree Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) enables students to participate in the creative and independent solution of problems of information technology in almost all fields of application. In six semesters you will learn solid technical and methodical basics of computer science as well as their application and implementation in industry and economy. These skills are the basis for success throughout your professional life. The course is offered by the Department of Computer Science, one of the largest and most recommended computer science departments at German universities. This is shown by top positions in the relevant university rankings.

The modules of the bachelor's program in computer science include courses, project work and practical phases. Almost all modules include an internship with a maximum of 16 students, which is usually supervised by professors themselves. A detailed description of the study contents can be found in the module handbook.

Our graduates are active in many different professions. In general, a degree in computer science is a good basis for an exciting, varied, challenging and usually well-paid job with very good prospects. With your degree you can work in many industries, including automotive, finance, environment, medicine, education, media - IT is everywhere. The job descriptions are correspondingly diverse.

The course of studies qualifies you for professional positions in the following areas of work, among others:

  • Software development, design, testing, maintenance and integration
  • System consulting and user training
  • Development and support of databases and networks
  • Web development and mobile application development
  • e-Business
  • Game development, edutainment and infotainment

A vivid and realistic picture of a possible working week of an application developer is described very well in the following two articles:


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