Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann

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Computernetzwerke und IT-Sicherheit

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  • Fachbereichsrat (Mitglied)
  • Senat (Mitglied Nachrücker)
  • Senat (Mitglied Stellvertreter)
  • Studiendekan

Portrait: Heinemann, Andreas, Prof. Dr.

Professor for computer networks and IT security and currently dean of studies at the Department of Computer Science at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. Head of the User-Centered Security working group.

Research interests in Usable Security, Security for Ubiquitous Computing and Privacy in Opportunistic Networks.

Iinvolved in the National Research Center for Applied Cyber Security - ATHENE and board member of the Competence Center for Applied Security Technology

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann

Schöfferstraße 10
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Office: D19, 2.04

Andreas Heinemann

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