Prof. Dr. Skroch, Oliver

Full tenured professor for business informatics, at h_da since 2011.

General information

Studying successfully: taking notes and reading technical literature is helpful in your studies.

E-mail netiquette: In case of doubt, an "old-fashioned style" following general rules for written (letter) communication should be applied to electronic mail as well - see the Domestic Protocol: Guide to Addresses and Salutations.

Fire safety: please refer to the fire safety information (updated 2022-Oct-14).

Presence at the university: please follow the applicable regulations on infection control, inparticular also on h_da premises and in the h_da buildings.

Current courses

At this moment, current courses are in German language only.

Elective lectures offered

Entscheidungstheorie / decision theory
Bachelor students in computer science or, applied mathematics are welcome.

Interaktive Entscheidungstheorie / interactive decision theory
Master students in computer science or, data science or, applied mathematics are welcome.


Besucher / Visitors:
Schöfferstr. 8b, D-64295 Darmstadt
Gebäude / Building D14
Raum / Room 3.07

By appointment through e-mail.