Wiesmaier, Alexander

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Schöfferstraße 10
64295 Darmstadt
: D19,209
Alexander Wiesmaier

Alexander Wiesmaier holds a professorship in cyber security and foundations of computer science at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. His research interests include security and privacy in IoT, long-term security, and offensive security. He is a member of Center for Research in Security and Privacy Darmstadt (CRISP). He is the responsible manager of Steinbeis Transfer Center Cyber Security & System Architecture.



Summer Term 2019

Winter Term 2018


    Short CV

    Since 2018|Professor at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

    2011 - 2018|Research Architect at AGT International

    2008 - 2011|Postdoc at Darmstadt University of Technology

    2006 - 2008|Analyst at Safelayer Secure Communications

    2001 - 2006|Research Associate at Darmstadt University of Technology.