Surviving Germany

Here are some Basics to help you survive in germany. The aim is to provide you from unwanted surprises which could get you in trouble or make you feel lost.


Most grocery stores in germany are closed on sunday. Make sure you already bought everything you need for the last day of the weekend.

There are only a few options where you can buy your groceries on sunday. One example is the REWE store which is placed at the central station in Darmstadt.

Doctor & Pharmacy

In Case you get sick you will find medicines in the pharmacy. A pharmacy that is open every day can also be found in the central station. The building can be found easily when you look for the sign shown on the right.

DOs and DON'Ts


  • Be punctual. That means be there a minimum of 5 minutes before any meeting.
  • Do shake hands.
  • Try to learn the meanings of traffic signs.
  • Talk to Germans in German. Some lousy phrases in German are better than your most eloquent English. Especially in rural areas.
  • Do remove your shoes when entering a house. Bringing flowers to the hostess is a plus.
  • Do split the check with your friends when eating out.
  • Do bring cash and small change with you. Especially if you need to use a public restroom.


  • If you’re late, don’t blame it on public transport. Don’t be late.
  • Do not ask about Hitler, the Nazis or WW2 unless you’re very close to the person you’re going to ask about this stuff.
  • Along the same lines: do not make the Nazi salute, mime Hitler’s mustache or do any other form of Nazi jokes. In fact, doing the Nazi salute can get you behind bars.
  • Don’t be too loud in public.

Here you can find more DOs and DON'Ts in Germany 


Since Germany is placed in central europe, you can easily visit some great places within a short traveling time. Paris, London, Barcelona, Vienna,Rome...everything is reachable in a short time. Here you can find some information about central europe

You can either travel via plane or you can buy an interrail ticket (travel by train).



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