Public Transportation

The most comfortable and by far the cheapest way to get around in Darmstadt is by public transport.
There are a few things you need to know about before getting on the train, bus or even a rented bike.


As already mentioned in the CampusCard section, your SemesterTicket is printed on your CampusCard. It is your ticket for public transportation in all of the RMV region.

It is very important to have your ticket with you in case you get asked to show it. In Darmstadt you do not have to enter public transportation at the front door and you do not have to show your ticket to the driver unless he asks you to do so.

For more information about what is possible and what you are allowed to do with your SemesterTicket visit the RMV website.

Departure, arrival and station names

To always know from and to which station and at what times the public transport is driving we recommend using either the Deutsche Bahn or the RMV app. They are both available for Android and iOS. With them you can search for the fastest way from your current position to your destination. The apps will also tell you about delays and offer you alternative routes.

If you do not have an internet connection ask someone for departure times. It is likely that they have one of the apps above and can help you.

At some of the stations there are screens that tell you when your train or bus is arriving. You can also find plans with all stations for Darmstadt. However you need to know the name of the station you want to go to.

The most common stations you will go to are Luisenplatz and the Hauptbahnhof (main train station). From these stations you can find public transportation to most of your destinations.

Call a Bike

Call a Bike is a bike rental service provided by the Deutsche Bahn. Bikes are stationed all around the city ready for rental. The service is free for students (only a few limitations apply).

As you are a student on the Hochschule Darmstadt you are paying a special fee to this service included in your Semesterbeitrag. You are able to rent three bikes for free at the same time. You can use them for one hour, after that it costs may apply.

To rent the bikes you have to create an account once. You can do this by visiting the Call a Bike website. After your registration you can use the app, web or phone service to find and rent a bike.


Darmstadt has a lot of bars and nightclubs. In the summer you can also just hang out in the parks of Darmstadt or sit at the Luisenplatz.

Here are a few of our recommendations:


  • Goldene Krone
  • Extrablatt
  • Ratskeller
  • Hobbit


  • Schlosskeller

Parks and other places

  • Herrngarten
  • Kinopolis (Sneak Preview)
  • Staatstheater

For special events check out partyamt.de.