Intercultural Competence in English (ICE)

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This certificate is intended for students of the Department of Computer Science (Fachbereich Informatik), who are interested in attesting to their intercultural skills and language skills.

It is aimed primarily at students of the EDDIT program and KMI, as most of the courses required for the certificate are already included in the curriculum.


Improvement of linguistic and intercultural competences and their documentation.

Program content

The students have to successfully complete 4 courses (10 ECTS total) to obtain the certificate.

1. LV I/SZ:

"Intercultural Communication" (B1-Niveau)*

2. LV I/SuK:

"Informatik und Gesellschaft" (in English)*

3. LV SuK:

A course marked with "ZIS" (in English)

4. LV SZ:

An English course from the accompanying study program (min. B2-Niveau)

* Courses are already included in the curriculum of the Bachelor's programs
LV: Courses
SZ: Sprachenzentrum (language center)


The students acquire the necessary skills to deal independently with English general and specialist language.

The students learn to understand diversity as a constructive factor in national and international relations and can implement these skills.

Wenzel Stammnitz-Kim

Language center
Office: A12, 406
Tel: +49.6151.16-38584
Wenzel Stammnitz-Kim

Prof. Dr. Ute Trapp

Office: D15 305
Tel: +49.6151.16-37733
 Ute Trapp

Prof. Dr. Bettina Harriehausen-Mühlbauer

Office: D15 204
Tel: +49.6151.16-38485
Fax: +49.6151.16-38935
Bettina Harriehausen-Mühlbauer