Before starting your journey

Inform yourself

As preparation, you should inform yourself in advance on the pages of the semester abroad. You should also think about where you would like to go and what alternatives would be for you. If you already have specific questions, make a note of them and bring them to the consultation.

For general information about studying abroad, see the right-hand column for a list of useful articles from h_da's International Office.

Also take a look at the list of partner universities of the faculty. If you have found foreign universities that interest you, check their websites. They only get there a current and binding information about the respective university, for example:

  • Which courses are offered?
  • When are the registration deadlines?
  • How many semesters are there in the year (are not always two!), and when do they take place?


Contact the international team of the department. In the consultation, you get u.a. All necessary information about the partner university, documents, funding possibilities and further steps. You will also learn whether other students also want to go to their desired target colleges and whether there are still places available.

You are also welcome to visit the International Office of h_da and get advice there. There you will also get information about partner universities, procedures, etc.

Application documents

The application forms that you must fill out include:

  • Application at the partner university
  • Application in the relevant funding program (io a nomination letter, a declaration of acceptance)

The application documents can be found on the foreign website of h_da. All documents must be signed by the international representatives of the Department of Computer Science.

The application deadlines at the universities can be found on the websites of (partner) universities. The application deadlines for the scholarships can be found on the foreign website of h_da.

Please note that often additional forms, i.a. the partner university must be completed. These can be:

  • Registration
  • Application for a dormitory
  • Visa

Likewise, language certificates have to be submitted for some universities. Exactly what you need in addition can be found on the website of the respective university and with the international representatives.

Pre-recognition of the courses

Be sure to approve all courses you want to take abroad from your course coordinator beforehand. With the advance recognition you receive the certainty that the services provided abroad for your studies will be recognized here at the FBI, provided that you successfully complete them.

  1. If you do not perform the pre-approval, you must expect that some benefits may not be recognized.
  2. If changes to the courses become necessary after arrival at the partner university, please inform the course coordinator immediately (by e-mail) and discuss this change with him.

For your pre-approval fill out the form and go to the responsible course coordinator. He / she will go through the courses to be recognized with you and must sign the complete application.

If there is a match to existing modules, the program coordinator will tell you who you are certifying for this equivalence.

If you are going to one of the partner universities specifically mentioned in the Department of Computer Science, the department offers a list for the conversion of foreign grades to grades of the University of Darmstadt.

At universities that are not partners, you are responsible for obtaining the information (module description including degree assignment, number of credits that is standard for a full-time study program and the grading system) from the host university and submitting it to the foreign affairs officer and the respective program coordinator.

Please note that you can not be credited more than the ECTS points prescribed in the applicable SPO (total, in the respective specializations and other specifications and upper limits). Other courses offered can be listed under "voluntary additional services".

Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement (LA) is available from the International Office of h_da. Which version of it you should use depends i.a. whether you are traveling under Erasmus (usually within Europe). See the page before your stay (Partly in English) for more detailed information.

The entire process is also available in the form of a running card.


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