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To contain the corona pandemic, all ITS employees are in the home office!

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IT-Services (ITS)

About us

IT Service (ITS) is responsible for the department's

  • network infrastructure
  • technical equipment of lecture rooms
  • network printing
  • virtualisation and storage solutions,
  • IT services such as OBS, LDAP, etc.

In this section, you can find some information on our services. If you have further questions, please use our ticket system (select: "Betreiber des Service Desks": Fachbereich Informatik).

IT Service (ITS) and IT Dienste und Anwendungen (IT Services and Applications (ITDuA))

In additin to the IT Service team at our department, we have a central IT Service unit called IT Dienste und Anwendungen (ITDuA). The care for institutional IT services such as

  • WiFi
  • email
  • web interfaces (including ours)

If you need support regarding these topics, please contact the ITDuA ServiceDesk (login needed).

Prof. Dr. Stefan Ruehl Professor

Educational Area
Software Engineering

siehe Website

Office: D15, 00.06

Short profile

Portrait: Ruehl, Stefan, Prof. Dr.

Sergio Vergata Mitarbeiter

Educational Area
Technischer Leiter der Gruppe ITS-FBI

Office: D10, 0.37

Short profile

Portrait: Vergata, Sergio

Steffen Czerwinski Mitarbeiter

Educational Area
IT-Service Fachbereich Informatik

nach Vereinbarung

Office: D10, 0.37



Lars Seipel Mitarbeiter

Educational Area
Weiterentwicklung der Fachbereichsinfrastruktur

Office: D10, 0.37


Portrait: Seipel, Lars

Helmut Weimann Mitarbeiter

Educational Area

Office: D14, 308


Portrait: Weimann, Helmut


IT-Services FBI
Schöfferstrasse 8b
64295 Darmstadt

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